Papadopoulou S. Evangelia -Assistant Professor

Evangelia Papadopoulou is an Assistant Professor in Environmental Microbiology at the Department of Environmental Sciences of University of Thessaly (UTH).  She has a first degree in Agriculture and an MSc in Crop Protection from the School of Agriculture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH).

She was awarded her PhD on soil microbiology and pesticides science, working jointly in the Laboratory of Pesticide Science, AUTH, and in the Laboratory of Plant and Environmental Biotechnology (LPEB), (UTH) in December 2013. She has worked as a postdoctoral fellow on different EU-funded (MSCA-IAPP-FP7), national funded projects (BIOREMEDIATOMICS – ARISTEIA II) and Industrial projects. Since July 2018, she is the principal investigator of the project NITRIC which is funded by GSRT and the HFRI and aims to investigate the activity and the off-target microbial toxicity of new potential nitrification inhibitors through soil, microbial cultivation, and molecular approaches. She is an author of 21 articles in peer-reviewed journals (total citations Scopus: 315, h-index: 12) and she has 33 publications in proceedings of national (14) and international (19) conferences.


Research interests:

  • Effects of agrochemicals and agricultural practices on the function and structure of soil microbial communities
  • Physiology and ecology of archaea and bacteria to nitrogen cycling processes in soil
  • Understanding the contribution of nitrifiers to nitrogen transformation and fertiliser loss in soil
  • Study of the mechanisms driving nitrification inhibitors activity towards nitrifying organisms
  • Environmental fate and behaviour of agrochemicals